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Selinunte and “Cave di Cusa”

Selinunte was founded in the middle of the VII cent. b. C., the city was first  allied with Carthage and then with Syracuse; after two centuries of richness, it was destroyed by Segesta. After the reconstruction, with the first Punic war, it was pulverized another time by Roman people.

Today it is one of the biggest archaeological place of the world, it extend  itself across 10 Km. The site is formed by oriental temple ruins, the “acropolis”, two “necropolis”, Melaphores Sanctuary, and other towers and fortifications.

In the Acropoli, you can find the G Temple dedicated to Apollo, and the C temple to Afrodite, the B Temple and the A and O buildings are dedicated to Castore and Polluce, and the F Temple.

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