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Mothia Island and the nature reserve of “Saline”

Mothia is the biggest and most important Phoenician colony in Sicily.

It was very important for its location, in fact the “Laguna dello Stagnone” (a natural lagoon) was one of the most important dock in the Mediterranean sea between the “Isola Grande” (so called “Big Island”) and the West Sicilian coast.  In the middle of this particular creek, rose S. Pantaleo island, a more and more safe dock.

Today the whole creek is a nature reserve, where you can admire the ancient protection walls, the “tophet” (the open-air sanctuary, with an enclosed sacred area used as burial place), and the old dry dock (cathon).

The island is also famous for the Whitaker museum, where it is possible  look up to 10,000 finds, like the Greek statue of the Auriga (V century. B. C.).

This fantastic scape is enriched with the spectacular view of the “Saline”, and Wind Mills.

The “Saline” are located along the coast from Trapani to Marsala, and they are among the oldest in Europe. This area is a natural reserve, and inside it, there is also a  Salt Museum, that it is possible to visit.

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